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major pictures, for major superLOVERS

a little nip/tuck to your prints
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This is a community for people who want to view or share other members photos, collection, photography, random fun pictures and shots from the internet(if you do post them and they're not yours please don't say they're your own, because that entry will be deleted).

1. use the LJ-cut tag for large files or 3+.
2. no nekked hardcore porn please, even if you think you're very sexy.
3. constructive critism.
4. don't be rude to other members and slag them off.
5. don't consider pictures of a boring eye with no meaning in it to be art. at least express yourself with your camera and be more experimental.
6. pictures of yourself can be posted and don't be afraid to be called hardcore arrogant, because the truth is the person probably does it all the time.
7. the moderator is yimeng and the other only authorized person who can chuck someone off, although isn't really a mod is rachel . theyimengeffect and spotthespastic.
8. questions will be answered, but don't expect them to be very soon, as we both don't always have time or forget to reply to comments on this community.
9. you will not be banned if you talk about a general subject besides photos, so don't worry, if you found your man wearing a jockstrap to his armpit. feel free to share.